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CADE Pro Reef S2 to make it's debut at ReefStock USA

It's been a long time in the making but finally USA will get to experience the CADE Pro Reef S2 Australia's most popular Reef Aquarium of 2020.

So how did this come about? Well 2 years ago at ReefStock Sydney we had the pleasure of meeting world renowned aquarist Jake Adams the managing director and creative director of Reef Builders and also the face of the world famous ReefStock exhibitions in Denver USA and more recently Sydney Australia. Jake is about as close to reefing royalty as one can get and has become a social media icon relating to all things related to Reef Aquaria.

ReefStock Sydney 2018 was Jake's very first CADE experience and although he tends to keep his cards close to his chest it became apparent that he liked what he saw. So much so he suggested we exhibit at ReefStock Denver saying that USA has never seen anything like this before and would love our Aquariums. It was humbling to hear from an industry expert.

Of course back then Jake was only looking at the Pro Reef S1 and at the time of this discussion we were deep into development of the Pro Reef S2, a significantly more advanced Reef Aquarium system. We both agreed that it would be best for USA to wait till next year!

The following year we returned to Reef Stock Sydney and launched the Pro Reef S2 to thousands of Australian Reef aquarists and the reception was overwhelming to say the least. We had taken everything everyone loved about the PR1 added 15 new design features and ultimately delivered what we consider the perfect foundation to grow your reef. Finally we where ready for the international markets and what better place to start than USA.

ReefStock Denver has become the premier event for the American Reef Aquarium community. It's a very inclusive event including store owners, coral fraggers, brand representatives and more. An enthusiastic crowd of Reef aquarists congregate in their thousands to see everything this amazing hobby has to offer and this year CADE is very excited to make its USA debut. In fact we decided to take it a step further and sponsor the event. As you read a four of our Pro Reef S2's are making the journey to Denver where they will be unveiled to an audience that have never experienced CADE before. I hope they're ready for us!

Oh yeah, so what did Jake think of the Pro Reef S2? Read his blog below :)

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