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CADE Reef S2 makes a splash on Reef Builders USA

Many of you following the CADE journey would be aware that earlier in the year we introduced our Reef S2 model to the USA market at Reef Stock Denver. The response was incredibly encouraging with Americans professing their love for CADE at first sight. It was enough to make us blush.

Soon after the event we signed up AlgaeBarn as the CADE USA distributor, a company that has proven to have vision, enthusiasm and a progressive future proofed business model. They quickly hit the ground running with a 40ft 'sell out' container, then a month later a 2nd 40ft which has also sold out. They soon realised this wasn't going to be enough and have now doubled their orders to 2x 40ft containers in the hope to get ahead of the ever increasing demand curve. That was before the Reef Builders VLOG drop... Now I'm thinking they should have ordered 3.

Enter... Jake Adams from the Reef Aquarium media powerhouse. So how did this come about you might be wondering. We were approached by the Jake a couple of months back inviting us to be involved in a new 'Australian Reef Build' project to be featured as series of vlogs on reefbuilders. Our response... 'Absolutely.' The series will be centred around how we do Reef Aquariums in Australia using equipment that has either been designed or manufactured in Australia or is commonly used in Australia amongst reef aquarists.

In Ep 1 below Jake unboxes and gives his first impressions of the CADE Reef S2 900 System. Based on the record breaking 24hr / 24K view stat along with hundreds of incredibly positive comments it's safe to say that USA is primed and ready for something new. Watch below...

As the episodes roll out our Aussie followers will see a bunch of familiar products from our friends at Dalua International such as the eKoral dosing pump, Great White skimmer, Illumagic Blaze lighting along with the entire Dalua coral supplement range. Even the livestock will be all Australian featuring fish and corals from some of the leading Aussie livestock exporters.

In my experience travelling around the world it's apparent that Australia does 'reefing' a little differently. I think one of the most interesting things about this project is we're going to see just how well an Aussie system stacks up against all the other systems Jake's previously experienced. Will make for some interesting viewing indeed.

Be sure to follow the Reefbuilders channel and hit that notification bell so you don't miss any of their amazing content.

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