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Check out this huge custom CADE display at Reeflections Aquarium in Melbourne

Reeflections Aquariums in Melbourne are renowned for their exquisite coral selection and huge coral holding facilities. Over the past year they have also been really stepping up their display game as well. Check out this amazing work of art that has been up and running since mid 2016. 

The unit is a CADE Reef Series in the custom size 1500L*900W*550H. It sit's on a matching CADE cabinet with an extra large version of the standard HLP1500 sump occupying almost all of the available space underneath. The tank was lite up by Radion at the time of the video however they have been recently swapped out for 2 Kessil AP700 units. We will keep you guys updated as this display continues to grow out. 

Unless you've been a reefer for over a quarter of a decade you would not be familiar with the evolution of Reeflections Aquarium. It's history stems back to the early 90's when it started it's journey as Outer Reef Aquariums in Mentone, the store that started it all for our company Director Adam Dalton, who was only 14 years of age at the time. Outer Reef was a small boutique Aquarium that was clean with incredible reef displays that showed it's consumers what was possible under the guidance of their of their expert staff. Hello to Andrew Walker if you're reading this :)  Outer Reef Aquarium later changed location to Moorabbin and was renamed Reef to River and then changed hands a few times before relocating to Bentleigh where it was finally renamed Reeflections Aquariums as we know it today. 

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