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Liverpool Creek Aquascaping winner is... Willie Thow

As many of you know CADE were the major sponsors of this years Liverpool Creek Aquascaping Contest. With numerous entries from all over the country 'scaping it out' for the illustrious first prize, it proved to be a close contest with very few points separating the top 3. But there can only be one champion in this winner takes all format.

Congratulations to Willie Thow with his beautiful creation called 'The Stepping Stone' scoring a total of 240 of a possible 300 points. You have won a new CADE River CB600-1. ​​

Title of Entry:  The Stepping Stone Tank Size: 60x30x36cm Lighting: Chihiros Aquasky  CO2: Ista Substrate: ADA Amazonian, La Plata Sand Hardscape: Goldvine Driftwood, Seiryu Rocks Livestock: Ember Tetra, Lemon Tetra, NQ Shrimps Plants: Anubias Nana, Hairgrass, Glosso, Monte Carlo, Needle Leaf Java Fern, Windelof Java Fern, Ludwigia Arcuata and hygrophilla.

Great effort Willie, we at CADE Australia are congratulate you on a incredible effort and we hope you enjoy your new tank set. 

Second place went to a beautifully designed vivarium scape called "Fern Alley". Housed in a little 46cm open top cube running Kessil Lighting this little beauty has an extremely diverse list of plant species. We're not even sure how they managed to fit them all in. It's an instant attention grabber, the way it flows and steps, it just feels right. Very well thought out and executed. It scored 233/300.

Third place went to a CADE Semi-Dutch "Underwater Paradise" in a CADE River CB1500 also running Kessil lighting.  Beautifully lush and colourful it scored a total of 229 points from a possible 300. The judges described this scape as 'A bold and courageous display of colours and abundant variety of healthy plants.' We totally agree. 

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