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CADE Altumate S1 - Weir Silencer

CADE Altumate S1 - Weir Silencer


The CADE Altumate Weir Silencer fits within the weir of all Altumate S1 Aquariums. Simply install it and you no longer need to tune the weir. The water level will be automatically set high in the weir and you will no longer need to adjust the gate valve to maintain the water height. 


To install simply insert one of the pipes into the main drain in the weir. The other pipe will draw water about 2cm off the bottom of the weir to draw debris from the base.  When installing this you will no longer use the pre filter sock in the weir, it along with it's plate will require removal unless you silencer pipes shorten the pipes accordingly. Keeping it tall will ensures no splash meaning no noise. 


This product is not required for Altumate S2 which runs silent already. It has a different style of drainage system. 

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