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CADE Reef S2 Jump Net

CADE Reef S2 Jump Net

SKU: PR2-1500/JN

CADE Jump Nets prevent livestock from jumping out of your Aquarium. 



Discontinued product. We are running out the stock we have and this product range will not be available in future.


If your size is not in stock you can order a model larger than it and cut it down to fit (2 cuts to the length only). 

Out of Stock

Slimline design made with aluminum that is anodized black for superior wearability in salt water conditions. Jump nets are supplied unnassembled (unless purchased with a new PRS2 Aquarium). We supply you with a special roller tool to fix the net to the frame. Each model is the exact size required to fit the model you select from our options. 

An advancement in the CADE frames design are slidable cross bracing. On 900 models and higher with cross braces simply slide them along the frame and position them perfectly to minimize shadowing from your lights. 

Images will be updated shortly. 

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