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CADE Check Valve - Reef S2 600 to 1200

CADE Check Valve - Reef S2 600 to 1200

SKU: CV S2 600-1200

This check valve suits Reef S2 models between 600 and 1200. 


Check Valves for the main return pump are a fantastic addition to any Aquarium and are now included with every CADE Reef system purchased new. For those that purchased their CADE prior to this addition you can now upgrade your existing system with this pre-fabricated bolt on kit. 


We have positioned the valve within the ATO reservoir on the S2 models where it's dark to  prevent any algae buildup meaning little to no servicing will be required in future. You will need to drain your ATO to perform this installation. 


How does it work? This new check valve is a one way valve that allows water to flow from the pump to the Aquarium however when the pump is shut off water is blocked from flowing back to the sump filter. This ensures the sump filters water level remains the same. Why is this important? Usually we shut off the main pump during daily feeding for a few minutes to avoid food entering the filteration. During this process water is siphoned back to the sump and that will raise the sumps water level causing the protein skimmer to overflow and spill all of it's contents will polute the tank. Another reason is during a power outage. If your corals are at the surface a check valve is a safe guard keeping them submerged. 

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